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Integrated Humanities Program

Program Description

Human values and beliefs are often reflected through various forms of expression, such as literature, philosophy, and the arts. The study of integrated humanities allows exploration of the various modes and forms of human expression in the Western, as well as non-Western cultures. Our goal is to develop critical and analytical thinking about human civilization through a close examination of its cultural histories and expressive art forms, with an increased focus on cultivating the art of seeing, listening, and reading in more purposeful, attentive, informed, and nuanced ways. By studying these cultural products in a world context, we will gain a fuller understanding of the shared human experience coupled with a genuine appreciation for the diverse creative accomplishments of the world's people.

Program Outcomes

Upon completing a major in Integrated Humanities, students will:

  • Acquire a meaningful degree of cultural literacy they can employ effectively in everyday life.
  • Become astute observers, interpreters, and critical thinkers.
  • Integrate a range of critical perspectives on a variety of diverse cultural expressions.
  • Understand and manage cultural differences.
  • Be prepared to enter graduate school and the workplace.


Academic Advisor