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Ola Koʻolauloa is a play for children and families based on the moʻolelo from Koʻolauloa, written and directed by Kristl Densley with a beautiful mele written by Dean Alohalani Housman. Due to limited seating, tickets will be available for pick up one hour before the show starts at the McKay Auditorium box office. There is also a children’s exhibit about the play in the McKay Auditorium lobby for families to explore before and after the show.

Ola Koʻolauloa is about a young girl, her sister, and her tūtū. Lā'iekawai doesn't understand why she has to clean up or do her chores. Her sister, Lā'ieholehole has already finished her chores and loves to remind her twin sister that she can play and relax.

Tūtū reminds the girls that they need to take care of each other; they are special. Reminding them of the history around their names. Lā'iekawai could care less about the past, until she finds a box with the ability to transport her to the not-so-distant past where she discovers who she is, encounters a manō (shark), a giant man-eating mo'o (dragon), and Kamapua'a (a demigod who can transform between pig and man).

Can the magic help heal her family and maybe even get her out of her chores?

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