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Music Ensembles

Vocal Ensembles

Hoʻolōkahi Chamber Choir

Hoʻolōkahi (hoʻo.lō.kahi) means, "to bring about unity; to make peace and unity." The mission of Hoʻolōkahi Chamber Choir (HCC) is to generate harmony by capitalizing on diversity, bringing together singers from around the globe in a space where meaningful musical exchange and growth can occur. HCC members seek to establish greater harmony with the surrounding community and to serve as international peacemakers through song. Students feel a sense of the mission they have been called to fulfill within the choir, and the ensemble is frequently invited to perform at university devotionals, firesides for visiting guests, dedication ceremonies, inaugurations, and other school functions. HCC presents two full concerts each semester on campus in addition to collaborating with members of the local and global community and embarking on occasional tours to neighboring islands and international locations.


HCC is capped at 45 members. A meeting with the conductor is required prior to registration. For more information, contact Dr. Erica Glenn (

Seasider Singers

Seasider Singers invites students from around the globe—with and without prior experience—to be a part of an excellent choral experience that embraces a wide diversity of styles from around the world, both written and oral. Seasider Singers offers an education in the basics of singing technique and choral ensemble collaboration along with a fun experience, a strong sense of camaraderie, and meaningful learning. Seasider Singers prepare for two on-campus concerts each semester and perform for campus devotionals and other special events.

SS has no audition or interview requirement. All who are interested may register!

Instrumental Ensembles

Salsa Orchestra

The BYU–Hawaii Salsa Orchestra is an exciting Latin-jazz ensemble that consists of 14-16 instrumental musicians (sax, trumpet, trombone, rhythm) and vocalists. The group performs both contemporary and nostalgic popular music from South America, the Caribbean, and Brazil. Each semester their exciting concerts on campus have audiences dancing in their seats. The class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:50 pm. To join, contact Dr. Duerden to schedule an interview/audition.

Polynesian Drum Ensemble

The BYU–Hawaii Polynesian Drum Ensemble specializes in the drum traditions of Tahiti, The Cook Islands, and elsewhere in the Pacific. Ka Pa Kāni Koʻele ʻo Lāʻie (the Drum Academy of Lāʻie) requires no previous experience in Polynesian drumming, but a strong practice ethic is expected. Directed by Kumu (teacher) Lloyd Chandler, the ensemble begins with basic beats but progresses quickly into complex rhythms and multivalent textures and "harmonies." Participants will prepare for a concert at the end of the semester which features dancers from a local halau (dance troupe). In addition, students gain a broader education in other Polynesian cultural drumming practices. To participate, students should enroll in Music 241R. The class meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 12:10-1:10 pm.

Shaka Steel

Shaka Steel is the name of the BYUH steel drum band. This 14-18 member ensemble specializes in the lively, fast-paced music of the Caribbean and Latin America performed on steel drums or "pans," which are native instruments of Trinidad. The directors are Dr. Darren Duerden and his wife Jennifer and the ensemble performs on-campus concerts each semester as well as for other events. To join, no previous steel pan experience is necessary but the ability to read music is needed and previous musical experience is also considered. The class meets Wednesdays and Fridays from 12-1:50 pm in Fall/Winter semesters and Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3:30-4:50 pm in Spring. For more information, email Dr. Duerden.